Learn Russian Words

Training program for quick learning and memorizing Russian words

Begin training already now together with «Learn Russian Words»

The program is for effective and quick studying of Russian words. In comparison with ordinary training method with dictionary, the training of the «Learn Russian Words» program allows to speed up the memorizing of new words.

At the same time this training program stimulates at once several perception channels of learner, maintains his attention much better, aids to reduce fatigue and provide necessary relaxation. Due to combination of text and sound row there are great opportunities for complex development of foreign language speech skills.

For convenience all words are divided into two big groups: "Topics" (including 43 different topics) and parts of speech (section "Morphology" consisting of a set of smaller subgroups). Use of set of topics and morphological groups with a small amount of words in each of them doesn't confuse, makes perception easier and helps in learning material acquiring.

With it help you quickly learn all volume of the most frequently used Russian words (more than 2000). In the course of training the program offers to users 4 types of testing and 2 types of learning (alphabet and words).

Important feature of the program is an opportunity to set the speed of changing cards with words in tests independently. It allows users with different level of training to work comfortably with the program.

Beyond that in the "Learning" mode there is the possibility of Russian words and letters of the Russian alphabet listening that it is important for their further correct pronunciation. In the "Testing" mode users can use statistics of the correct and wrong answers, and thus estimate the level of knowledge.

Why the program is so popular ?
It allows to learn material quickly in comparison with usual methods of training.
Simple and usable interface of the program facilitates work with it.
There are the most frequently used Russian words.
It allows to keep an eye on knowledge level.
The program is developed for different categories of users.
Test Choose a word
Test Find pair
Test Find pair
Test Write a word
Learning mode
Learning mode - Alphabet

Frequently asked questions
Q: What requirements are specified to computer for work of the program ?
Any modern computer of initial level will be suitable for work of the program. It should be free HDD disk space not less than 90 MB. It is recommended to have the working sound system as in the course of training you will need to listen to the Russian speech.
Q: Is Internet necessary for work of the program?
No. For work of the program internet connection isn't required.
Q: I have questions of the program. Where can I address ?
In the case of any problems or questions of work of the program write to the address Lrw.software@gmail.com and you will be sure to answer and help !
Q: Where it is possible to receive software User manual ?
The program has the built-in software User manual in electronic form in a menu item "Reference -> "Help". Moreover, User manual will be provided in the form of separate files, with which You will be able to acquainted.
Q: My license key doesn't work. What to do ?
Check that you enter each key correctly. If you use counterfeit or overdue key in this case the key won't work.

  Demo version

Represented demo-version of the program will help You to evaluate its features and functionality. In the program there are several topics and morphological sections from general big list. As for the rest demo-version is fully functioning version of the program. Downloading demo-version and working with it, You decide if this program suits You or not. Demo-version is free and is not limited by the time of use. License key is not necessary for its work.

  License version

License version of the program is fully functioning version with unlimited period of use. License version requires the input of license key, which can be purchased for a license fee. Your license key allows you to use any release of «Learn Russian Words» that was available when you purchased the key, as well as any future releases (bug fixes, enhancements, new features, etc.).

Demo version License version
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