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Learn Russian Words

The programm is for effective and quick studying of Russian words. In comparison with ordinary training method with dictionary, the training of the "Learn Russian Words" program allows to speed up the memorizing of new words.

At the same time this training program stimulates at once several perception channels of learner, maintains his attention much better, aids to reduce fatigue and provide necessary relaxation. Due to combination of text and sound row there are great opportunities for complex development of foreign language speech skills.

For convenience all words are divided into two big groups: "Topics" (including 43 different topics) and parts of speech (section "Morphology" consisting of a set of smaller subgroups). Use of set of topics and morphological groups with a small amount of words in each of them doesn't confuse, makes perception easier and helps in learning material acquiring.

With it help you quickly learn all volume of the most frequently used Russian words (about 2500) and colloquial phrases. In the course of training the program offers to users 4 types of testing and 2 types of training (words and colloquial phrases).

Important feature of the program is an opportunity to set the speed of changing cards with words in tests independently. It allows users with different level of training to work comfortably with the program.

Beyond that in the "Training" mode there is the possibility of Russian words listening that it is important for their further correct pronunciation. In the "Testing" mode users can use statistics of the correct and wrong answers, and thus estimate the level of knowledge.

 THOUGHT-OVER METHODS It allows to learn material quickly in comparison with usual methods of training.  USABLE INTERFACE Simple and usable interface of the program facilitates work with it.  NECESSARY LEXICON There are the most frequently used Russian words.  STATISTICS It allows to keep an eye on knowledge level.  IT SUITS FOR ALL The program is developed for different categories of users.